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Our Difference

We are not your typical financial services firm. Our goal is not ‘just’ to help you manage wealth, but to also help you manage it wisely.

The wisdom with which we manage our own practice is derived from the Bible. Our belief is God’s wisdom is far superior to those opinions of men and women. The Bible has more to say about money and wealth than on any other subject (over 2,350 verses’.) We actively incorporate the use of Biblical principles and wisdom in our firm’s daily operation. We have devoted our practice to the Lord. Therefore, in one way or another, the advice we provide is ultimately rooted in these Biblical wisdoms - timeless wisdoms that never change.

We understand it is not our position to preach to you – we won’t. We are sensitive to those who do not wish to mix faith and finances: we work with many such individuals. Yet, for those interested in learning how to incorporate faith in the management of their wealth we are happy to share this knowledge.

When it comes to investments, another key difference is our ability to offer morally based investment strategies. If you desire, we can provide you with investments that are structured to adhere to the principles of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), or to the principles of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI), further enhancing your stewardship of the resources you have received.